The Witching Hour

I’m so sorry for the lateness of this, the most important day! Let’s just say that my Halloween didn’t go as planned. :(

For today, I have a bunch of things for you.

First, some pictures to stare at:

1. Here is the work of Joshua Hoffine. He’s a horror photographer that’s cooked up some really ghoulish pictures.

2. The Ultimate 33-Part Guide to Abandoned Places. The pictures on this are really haunting.

3. Chet Zar: Painter of Dark. Some really spooky paintings here.

Next, some more webcomics:

1. Monsterhood. Howie, a young human boy, goes to live in a town for monsters. Humans aren’t allowed to live there, so he has to pretend to be a vampire. A fave of mine if just because it has THE SKUNK APE! Oh, my local cryptid.

2. Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name. Idiots attempting to be paranormal detectives!

3. Gingerdead and Friends. Takes creepycute to a whole new level.

And now some short stories:

1. The Yellow Wallpaper (Charlotte Perkins Gilman). A creeping story of madness.

2. Hop-Frog (Edgar Allen Poe). I read this short story as a kid and I’m pretty sure it traumatized me for life. Enjoy! :D

3. The Monkey’s Paw (W.W. Jacobs). It’s a well-known idea, but the short story itself is terrifically frightening.

4. The Hound of the Baskervilles (Arthur Conan Doyle). More long than short, but an excellent ghost story.

5. The Most Dangerous Game (Richard Connell). As creepy as supernatural beings are, there will never be anything more frightening than man.

A few songs:

1. Zombie Prostitute (Voltaire). NSFW!!!

2. Charmed, I’m Sure (Circus Contraption)

3. Zombie Apocalypse (Kirby Krackle)

4. Que Sera, Sera (Pink Martini)

5. End Credits—Coraline (Bruno Coulais)

And some stuff to watch:

1. Sebastian’s Voodoo. Some voodoo dolls don’t like having pins stuck in them.

2. The Passenger. Train rides home alone are creepy, aren’t they?

3. The Lost Thing. Beautiful short film about a boy who finds a thing on the beach.


There. 20 little odds and ends. Does that make up for my lateness?

I’ll send you an ecard with my reveal soon! :3

Day 30

Getting close to the end now, witchee! It’s been fun!

Here’s a link to a rather macabre little children’s book:

The Gashlycrumb Tinies (Edward Gorey)

And in .gif form!

the gashlycrumb tinies

Day 29

Oh, witchee. I just got done watching The Descent and now all I can think about is how scary caves are. In honor of this paranoia, have an internet classic.

Ted’s Caving Page

Day 28

I’m so glad you liked what I’ve been posting, dear witchee! You didn’t post about a few things in between the posts, though, like Rabbit and the ghost meringues and such, so I just wanted to make sure you saw those. :o I wouldn’t want you to have missed part of your present.

For today, I have a peculiar music video by the French singer, Émilie Simon: 

Day 27

Are you afraid of dolls, witchee? After watching Alma, you will be.

Day 26

My dear witchee,

Today I have a webcomic for you! It’s a collection of short, creepy stories as told by a bunch of girls at a tea party. The stories vary in quality, but they tend to be really fun. I hope you enjoy!

The Midnight Tea Party

Day 25

Just one week left, my witchee! Are you having fun?

Here’s an absurdly silly little flash game called Haunt The House. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin—you play a ghost that needs to get all of these party goers out of its house! You jump from inanimate inanimate object to scare them. Just be careful not to go overboard. You wouldn’t want your body count to get too high.

Day 24

Today, my witchee, I have something a bit strange for you.

Once upon a time, The Weekly World News started making reports on the Bat Boy. They continued to write about his continuing adventures for years.

weekly world news cover

Our world being what it is, Bat Boy The Musical was eventually created. Here is its opening number:


The show’s actually pretty damn good.

(And once again, if you’re interested in the soundtrack, I can get that to you as well.)

Day 23

Here are two short stories for you, my dear! I included two because they’re both pretty well known and there’s a good chance you’ve read one already.

The Lottery (by Shirley Jackson)

It’s one of my very favorite short stories. The creeping feeling that something is not right just grows on you.


Young Goodman Brown (by Nathaniel Hawthorne)

This one is a bit more dense, but it’s cool on a number of spoilery levels.

Day 22

I really love short films, dear witchee. I hope you do as well.

Here’s one I really adore, La Dama y La Muerte. Basically, a woman dies and then the Reaper and a doctor have to fight over her life. Shenanigans ensue and all the while, no one asks the woman how she feels about the whole thing.

Remember to watch through the credits!